Corporate and Group Taxation

We provide our clients with professional advisory on all issues of corporate taxation, corporate reorganisation and tax optimisation, including group taxation (domestic and global consolidation, VAT group) and appeals to the Italian tax authorities. 

We deal with complex issues with an international approach and, thanks to our membership of the Nexia International network, we are able to offer our clients constantly updated and precise feedback on regulatory developments in target countries. 

Long-standing experience

Our advisors have long-standing experience. Most of them gained significant expericence focusing on the international market and practised corporate, finance, and tax law. 

We provide support and tax and corporate advisory to individuals and Italian and foreign small, medium and large companies operating in different industries in Italy and abroad.

Our method

Team work and constant contact mean we can offer our clients a comprehensive service.

Team work also allows our advisors to combine experience, expertise and professionalism to achieve the best results as quickly as possible. 

We attach great importance to transparency and mutual trust. This is why we are committed to keep our clients constantly informed on the strategies we adopt to deal with their case.

Why do we make a difference?

Result-oriented approach

It is success that counts! We do not just provide answers to the questions of our clients. We help them find the most appropriate solution to the needs of their business.

International business

Know-how without borders. 
Thanks to the collaboration with Nexia International, we belong to an international network. This enables us to work with local partners all over the world.  
Multi-year experience in the field of cross-border transactions is our strength.

Comprehensive support

Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive support and advisory services.
We are experts in tax and corporate law, extraordinary transactions, corporate finance, transfer pricing, accounting and payroll processing.


In developing solutions, we always take into account the complexity of the issues to be addressed and the legal framework in which we operate.

Specialised teams

In order to join expertise and deal with complex issues in the best possible way, our advisors collaborate in specialised teams.
There is, however, only one contact person, the one who has an in-depth knowledge of the client and is able to ensure constant supervision.


To us pragmatism means acting proactively with the aim to develop viable and tailor-made solutions.

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