NEWSLETTER NO. 30 - 2020


    Several IMU (unique municipal tax) concessions in relation to properties located in South Tyrol are introduced for 2020 under provincial law no. 9/2020.

    The unique municipal tax (IMU) is not due for:

    • category D/2 buildings used for accommodation;
    • category A flats and category D/8 properties used for accommodation as well as their appurtenances registered under categories C/2, C/6 and C/7;
    • buildings used mainly as guest rooms/vacation homes to be rented out as well as their appurtenances registered under categories C/2, C/6 and C/7;
    • buildings used as on-farm serviced tourist accommodation as well as their appurtenances registered under categories C/2, C/6 and C/7;
    • mountain huts under category A/11;
    • buildings under category D/3 used for cultural and recreational activities;
    • buildings under category D/3 used for sports activities;
    • buildings under category C/1, D/3 and D/8 used for gastronomy activities (food and drinks).

    The unique municipal tax (IMU) is not due, if the operator registered a total loss in turnover of at least 20 percent in 2020 compared to the 2019 turnover.

    If the 2020 loss in turnover compared to the 2019 turnover is lower than 20 percent, the unique municipal tax (IMU) shall be reduced by 50 percent.

    In 2020 the unique municipal tax (IMU) is reduced by 50 percent for:

    • buildings under the categories C/3, D/1, D/7 and D/10 used for industrial and crafts activities;
    • buildings under categories C/1 and D/8 used for a trade activity;
    • buildings under category A/10 used for a professional activity (office, private law practice, doctor's office, technical office);

    Such exemption and/or reduction applies only to:

    • taxpayers who also carry out their activity in the above mentioned properties;
    • taxpayers who made the property available to the operator for free;
    • taxpayers who rented out/leased the building and in 2020 reduced the rental/lease payment by at least the amount of the unique municipal tax due. This must result from a registered agreement.

    The tax due for 2020 must be paid by 30 July 2021 (no penalty and interest shall be due).

    The application for tax exemption must be submitted as a self-declaration to the competent  Municipality by 30 September 2020. If the tax exemption requirements are met after 30 September 2020, or if they are no longer met, a self-declaration may be submitted by 31 January 2021.


    Your sincerely,


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