The Cure Italy decree, converted into the Italian law no. 27/2020, provides for the allocation of EUR 50 million to be disbursed to businesses for the purchase of individual protection devices (IPD) in order to contrast and contain the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19.

    This disbursement will be paid as a reimbursement by INVITALIA (Italian development authority owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy), as specified in the relevant Notice and analyzed in more detail below.



    Reimbursement is granted to all businesses - regardless of their legal form, the business industry in which they operate and the accounting scheme applied - complying with the following requirements:

    • businesses regularly incorporated and registered as "active businesses" with the Companies register;
    • businesses having their registered head or secondary office in Italy;
    • businesses that are free to fully exercise their rights, subject neither to voluntarily liquidation nor to bankruptcy proceedings aimed at liquidation.



    Expenses eligible for reimbursement are those expenses incurred for the purchase of individual protection devices complying with the safety requirements as specified under current legislation. More specifically:

    • FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 filtering face masks, surgical masks;
    • latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves;
    • eye protection devices;
    • protection apparel such as suits and/or shirts;
    • footwear and/or overshoes;
    • head cover and/or headgear;
    • human body temperature measurement devices;
    • detergents and disinfectants/antiseptic solutions.

    Expenses must:

    • be incurred between 17 March 2020 and the filing date of the reimbursement application (please see below);
    • relate to invoices paid at the filing date of the reimbursement application by transfers made from the Company's bank accounts and other payment modes allowing for the payment to be fully traceable and immediately attributable to the relevant invoice (prepayment invoices are eligible if the reimbursement application also refers to the final settlement invoice);
    • be not lower than EUR 500;
    • not be subject to other forms of reimbursement or remuneration paid under any form and title.

    Reimbursement does not include any contingent taxes and fees, including VAT.



    Reimbursement is granted up to 100 percent of eligible expenses, within the limits of the funds allocated, and up to the maximum ceiling of EUR 500 per employee using the individual protection devices and, in any case, up to the maximum ceiling of EUR 150,000 per company.



    The reimbursement application must be filed electronically according to a three-step-procedure:

    Step 1 – reimbursement booking.

    The interested businesses must file a reimbursement booking by accessing the website from 9 AM to 6 PM on all working days (Monday to Friday), starting on 11 May 2020 and until 18 May 2020. To this end the following information is required:

    • the applicant company's tax code;
    • the legal representative's tax code or the tax code of the owner of the applicant company or of the legal person if the applicant company is managed by persons other than individuals;
    • amount to be reimbursed.

    The instructions for the filing of the reimbursement booking are disclosed on the above mentioned website at least five days prior to the opening date of the electronic desk. The electronic desk will assign the time of receipt recorded by Invitalia's information systems to the bookings received. At the end of the booking process, the business will receive a message confirming the above mentioned time of receipt of the booking and the relevant booking identification code.

    The booking is deemed regularly filed only if the company's tax code and the legal representatives/company owner's tax code are correctly stated, otherwise the reimbursement booking is rejected. Each business may file one reimbursement booking only; if more than one reimbursement booking is filed, the first booking duly submitted will be deemed valid.

    Step 2 – Disclosure of a list of reimbursement bookings in chronological order

    No later than 3 days from the final deadline for the submission of reimbursement bookings, a list containing all correctly submitted bookings made by businesses under step 1 will be disclosed on the above mentioned website in the chronological order in which the applications were submitted.

    The list shows the requested amount and the booking result, i.e.:

    • booking eligible for the subsequent filing of a reimbursement application;
    • booking not eligible for the subsequent filing of a reimbursement application.

    Step 3 – Compilation and preparation of the reimbursement application

    Businesses with a booking eligible for the subsequent filing of a reimbursement application must fill-out the electronic reimbursement application available on

    The reimbursement application must be filed in the period starting on 26 May 2020, at 10 AM, and ending on 11 June 2020, at 5 PM.

    The invoices on individual protection devices purchased and the relevant payment confirmations must be enclosed to the application.

    Access to the electronic application is limited to the legal representative/owner of the applicant company, as specified in the Companies register and requires identification and authentication through the use of the Italian Service Card (Carta nazionale dei servizi).

    Upon access to the electronic application through the use of the Italian Service Card, the legal representative/owner of the applicant company may delegate the power to represent the company for the purpose of filing the reimbursement application. To this end, even the delegated person must access the electronic application through the use of the Italian Service Card.

    An active certified email account (PEC) is required for the submission of a reimbursement application.

    The submission of the reimbursement application requires the following steps:

    1. access to the electronic application;
    2. insertion of information and data required for the compilation of the application and uploading of the relevant annexes;
    3. creation of a pdf file containing the application and all relevant information and data provided by the applicant as well as the electronic signature;
    4. uploading of the electronically signed application and issuance of an application submission confirmation by specifying the date and hour of submission.

    Reimbursement applications are eligible for reimbursement based on the ranking held in the list under step 2, within the limits of funds available under the Notice. 

    No later than 10 days from the deadline for the filing of the applications INVITALIA will disclose a notice on the eligibility for reimbursement specifying the obligations for eligible businesses, including the duty to allow assessments and controls by INVITALIA as well as the grounds for revocation of the benefits.

    Upon the adoption of a decision on the eligibility for reimbursement, INVITALIA will pay the sums reimbursed to the bank account specified by the company on the reimbursement application.


    Yours sincerely,


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