• Practice areas

    Transfer pricing and tax value chain

    Transfer pricing plays a central role in the field of intra-group transactions and intra-company value chain management.

    Our team of experts in transfer pricing can count on many years of experience and continuous training in this field and can provide our clients with high-level professional consultancy on the following issues: development and revision of transfer pricing policies, preparation of master files, country master files and country-by-country reporting as well as inter-company contracts.

    We also support multinational companies in planning value chain management and analysing the necessary operations for corporate restructuring in order to optimise internal corporate processes and possible tax consequences, both at national and international level. This also includes negotiations with the Italian tax authorities of prior agreements on intra-group transfer pricing (so-called ruling).

    We provide support in dealing with tax authorities: from inspections to all subsequent stages of adversarial proceedings with the Italian tax authorities, such as tax assessment settlement, appeals to tax commissioners and conciliation, and mutual agreement procedures (MAP, EU Arbitration Convention).  

Why do we make a difference?

Result-oriented work and tailor-made solutions: we have always been used to face problems using a cross-border approach.


    It is success that counts! We will not only provide answers to the questions of our clients, but we will also help them find the most appropriate solution to the needs of their business.


    Know-how without borders. Thanks to the cooperation with Nexia International, we belong to an international network which enables us to work with local partners all over the world. Multi-year experience in the field of cross-border transactions is our strength.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive support and consultancy. We are experts in tax and corporate law, extraordinary transactions, corporate finance, transfer pricing, accounting and payroll processing.


    In developing solutions, we always take into account the complexity of both the issues to be addressed and the legal framework in which we operate.


    In order to join expertise and deal with complex issues in the best possible way, our professionals are divided into specialised teams. There is, however, only one contact person, the one who has an in-depth knowledge of the client and is able to ensure constant supervision.


    We work side by side with our clients in order to help them achieve their goal under the best possible conditions and as quickly as possible. Our clients' success is our success!


    To us pragmatism means acting proactively with the aim to develop viable and tailor-made solutions.

  • Transfer pricing and tax value chain | Hager & Partners
  • Our experience

    All the professionals in our team have long-standing experience, in many cases gained in major international contexts, giving them not only in-depth technical expertise but also knowledge of sector-specific operational and business dynamics.

    Furthermore, thanks to our membership of the Nexia International network, Hager & Partners can offer support to all the companies in a group at both national and international level. 

  • Methods

    Transfer pricing and intra-group cross-border relation management have a strong impact on value chains and require both specific technical expertise and knowledge of international tax law, private and commercial law, business administration and statistics.

    Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and sensitivity our experts are able to understand the needs of the companies and effectively participate in operational and organisation processes.    

Meet the team

Professional expertise, dedication and commitment are the features which have been distinguishing us for more than 25 years. Choose our experts for tailor-made consultancy: contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

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