With over 25 years of experience and offices in Milan, Bolzano and Rome, Hager&Partner helps its clients developing and implementing their activities by providing them with professional excellence and cross cultural sensitivity: i.e. the capability of understanding different cultures, of conciliating them with Italian culture and finding the best solutions.


Doing business on a global market means embarking on a journey. It is a journey through different cultures, legislations, conventions and rules. We accompany international corporations on their journey to Italy and Italian companies on their journey throughout the world. Thereby we always keep in mind that every journey has a destination and a goal. In Hager&Partners we call it performance.

We work side by side with our clients in order to help them achieve their goal under the best possible conditions and as quickly as possible: your success is our success

Doing business is always something very practical: it’s about the where, the when and the how: we are used to tackle and solve local problems with a global approach

Professionalism at all levels is our most prominent feature. For us, it means always giving 100 % in technical terms, understanding our clients and anticipating their needs

Different legislations and regulations in different countries come with different cultures and different approaches: mental openness is the key for us to understand and make ourselves understood in any context and in any country

Bolzano, Italy

Piazza della Mostra 2 – 39100 BOLZANO
Tel. +39 0471 971197
Fax +39 0471 980202


Via Borgogna n. 2 – 20122 MILAN
Tel. +39 02 778071
Fax +39 02 778071-233


Piazza della Rotonda 2 – 00186 ROME
Tel. +39 06 68805843
Fax +39 06 68211765